Mission Statement

NIDB Mission Statement

It is the mission of the National Institute for Driver Behavior to develop and produce training materials that provide opportunity for families to acquire the “7 Vital Components of  Driver Wellness” for a lifetime of Zero Crashes.

7 Vital Components of Driver Wellness

1.  Social Wellness: Healthy interaction with others and contribution of positive values to society.

2.  Visual Skills for Awareness: Effective use of vision to receive accurate, complete, and timely information to control the  “Critical Seconds.”

3.  Information-Processing:  Acquire habits to know where to search, what to search for, and when to search to Find, Solve, and Control Critical Seconds.

4.  Space Management: Internalization of Zone Control behavioral patterns into habits that provide automatic control of the vehicle’s space requirements.

5. Vehicle Control: Being able to have command over the manipulation of a vehicle.

6. Vehicle Correction Skills: Being able to regain, or maintain, control of the vehicle when there is a loss of space management.

7. Desire for Excellence: Standards for excellence that are well defined and drivers who are motivated to achieve them.